Soteria: Through Madness to Deliverance
by Loren Mosher & Voyce Hendrix

Loren Mosher, Voyce Hendrix and Deborah Fort tell here the story of a special time, space and place where young people diagnosed as schizophrenic found a social environment where they were related to, listened to, and understood during their altered states of consciousness. Rarely, and only with consent, did these distressed and distressing persons take tranquillisers. They lived in a home in a California suburb with non-medical caregivers whose goal was not to do to them but to be with them. The place was called 'Soteria' (Greek for deliverance), and there, for not much money, most recovered. Although Soteria's approach was swept away by conventional drug-oriented psychiatry, its humanistic orientation still has broad appeal to those who find the mental health mainstream limited in both theory and practice. This book recounts a noble experiment to alleviate oppression and suffering without destroying their victims.

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