We are a network of like-minded people from different backgrounds and perspectives but who share the common ideal of promoting the Soteria tradition in the UK. We include service users/survivors, family members, carers, allies, critical mental health professionals and academics/researchers.

Our principles

  • We believe it is important that people have choices in the care they receive.
  • We believe that people can come through severe distress with, without, and sometimes despite, psychiatric help.
  • We try to support approaches that seek to enable people to make sense of, and come through distress in a non-coercive and non-oppressive way.
  • We believe in being with people in distress, rather than doing to them
  • We actively engage with the expertise found in individuals, families and culturally diverse communities.

Our aims

  • To raise awareness about the Soteria tradition and philosophy in the UK.
  • To support the development of non-medical alternatives to psychiatric services across the UK.
  • To provide information and support to people who are genuinely trying to set up alternatives to the routine medical psychiatric response to experiences usually labelled as psychosis.
  • To network with other Soteria projects and organisations internationally to draw on their experience to develop our work in the UK.
  • To work with other groups locally and nationally who have an interest in developing non-drug alternatives.
  • To work alongside service users/survivors and other critical mental health workers who are actively developing alternatives.


Soteria Network UK was formed in 2004 in Bradford following a national speaking tour by the late Loren Mosher. The network was inspired by his pioneering work in the founding of the Soteria Project in 1970 and the first Soteria House in San Diego, California.

Who We Are

We are promoting the development of drug-free and minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing ‘psychosis’ or extreme states. We are part of an international movement fighting for more humane, non-coercive mental health services.

Get Involved

Becoming a member shows your support for our work and ensures that you will be kept up to date about Soteria Network events. Though it doesn’t cost anything to join, we do ask you to consider making a donation to the Soteria Network.