Where to buy

All the books in the Soteria Network library can be purchased from the Soteria Bookstall. Please click here to buy.


  • ‘A Systematic Review of the Soteria Paradigm for the Treatment of People Diagnosed With Schizophrenia’ – by Tim Calton, Michael Ferriter, Nick Huband, and Helen Spandler
  • Olive’s Story and the Phoenix of Hope’ – by Margaret Turner and Olive Bucknall, in Asylum Magazine (Volume 23 No 2) Summer 2016

Recommended books

  • Soteria: Through Madness to Deliverance, by Loren R. Mosher and Voyce Hendrix, with Deborah C. Fort. 2004. Xlibris. USA.
  • Models of Madness – Psychological, Social and Biological Approaches to Psychosis, 2nd Edition Edited by Dr John Read, Professor Richard Bentall, Loren Mosher, John Read, Jacqui Dillon
  • This is Madness: A Critical Look at Psychiatry and the Future of Mental Health Services (Paperback) by Craig Newnes (editor), Guy Holmes (editor), Cailzie Dunn (editor)
  • Psychiatry in Context: Experience, meaning & communities by Phil Thomas.
  • Psychology in the Real World: Community-based Groupwork by Guy Holmes
  • Recovering Sanity by Edward Podvoll
  • Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times by Neil Astley
  • Lifesaving Poems by Anthony Wilson
  • Art as Healing by Edward Adamson
  • Mend The Gap by Katie Mottram
  • The Straight Talking Introduction series, published by PCCS books

These include introductions to: Psychiatric Drugs; Psychiatric Diagnosis; The Causes of Mental Health Problems; Caring for Someone with Mental Health Problems; Psychological Treatments; Children’s Mental Health Problems; Being a User of Psychiatric Services.