While Soteria Network has its roots in the pioneering work of the late Loren Mosher and the Soteria experiment in the 1970s it is part of a wider movement for radical change in mental health approaches in the 21st century. As such we connect with, learn from, are inspired by and join – in both criticism and hope – with other organisations, actions and gatherings. We therefore seek to convey knowledge and awareness of these through providing links to a range of websites. We also welcome suggestions for new links – this is a dynamic rather than a static page!


International Network of Treatment Alternatives for Recovery (INTAR)
A group of like-minded mental health workers, survivors and relatives concerned about the lack of alternative treatments in the Western World.

MindFreedom International
MindFreedom International unites 100 grassroots groups and thousands of members to win campaigns for human rights of people diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities.

UK and Ireland

Asylum Magazine
An international magazine for democratic psychiatry, psychology, education and community development. Incorporating the newsletter of Psychology Politics and Resistance (PPR).

The Centre for Citizenship and Community Mental health
The University of Bradford, and Bradford District Care Trust have established the Centre for Citizenship and Community Mental Health (CCCMH).

Critical Psychiatry Network
The ‘Bradford Group’ of psychiatrists first met in Bradford in January 1999. The group provides a network to develop a critique of the contemporary psychiatric system.


Soteria Bern
Long-standing Soteria project in Berne, Switzerland.

Weglaufhaus (Runaway House) Berlin
The Berlin Runaway House is a modern consumer-run initiative whose philosophical roots trace back to a program originating in the Netherlands prior to the era of deinstitutionalization.

Peter Lehmann Publishing
The Peter Lehmann Publishing house is orientated toward the interests of (ex-) users and survivors of psychiatry whose main concerns are self-determination and freedom from bodily harm.

European Network of (ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP)

North America

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy
NARPA brings together mental health professionals and administrators, people with psychiatric histories, academics, advocates, and attorneys who share a common goal of promoting equal citizenship of people diagnosed as mentally disabled.

Freedom Center
The Freedom Center was founded in 2001 in Northampton MA by Will Hall and Oryx Cohen. Freedom Center has a long-term vision of creating a safe house modeled on Soteria.

Family Outreach and Response Program
The Family Outreach and Response Program (FOR) is a community, non-profit, charitable agency that was developed as an alternative family support program.

The Community Consortium Toronto Canada
The Community Consortium is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization made up of people with psychiatric histories and their allies.

Windhorse Integrative Mental Health
Alternative Mental Health Treatment Program

Other links

Medication-Free Treatment in Norway: A Private Hospital Takes Center Stage | https://bit.ly/36QAPH9