If you are able and would like to support our work you can do so through PayPal which is a secure method of sending money online. If you have a PayPal account you can send money through this account. Otherwise you can use PayPal’s service to make payments with your credit/debit card.

There are various options for making payments below. You can either make regular monthly donations of a specified amount (like a Direct Debit) or make one time donations of a specified amount or any amount of your choosing (button labelled ‘You Decide’). Regular payments can be cancelled at any point through either Paypal or your bank.

Another way of supporting the Soteria Network is to use our Amazon link. 5% of all purchases made from Amazon, if you access their website through this link, will be donated to the Soteria Network.

Please note that online donations are currently unavailable. If you wish to donate, please get in touch.