We aim to keep alert to developments in the field of mental health and share these through this website. We will cover news relating to policies and practice, research findings, publicly expressed views, regional happenings and national and international events such as conferences.

We are glad and grateful to hear of news to pass on. We’ll try to be comprehensive, however we apologise if we inadvertently miss some items of significance.


Book: Heavy Light by Horatio Clare

Heavy Light: A Journey Through Madness, Mania and Healing An extraordinary book: deeply moving, darkly funny and hugely powerful. It travels hard country: mania, paranoia, the huge collateral damage of madness. It shows its readers, unforgettably, what it is like...


Soteria Network AGM 30th Jan 2021 at 3pm

Why do we need Soteria Houses more than ever in the UK now? Why do we need Soteria Houses more than ever in the UK now? Tickets, Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite Event Information Soteria Network UK promotes the development of drug-free or minimum...


Soteria Network in the time of Covid 19

Soteria has as a first concern the health, safety and well-being of people experiencing mental distress. Many of these have been affected by psychiatric treatments which over time have created additional health hazards - overweight, heart problems, diabetes for...